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Despite the late surge during the past few years, which resulted in a rapid addition in power generating capacity, the Eleventh Plan (2007-12) target for the addition of 62,700 MW capacity is unlikely to be realised. The Twelfth Plan (2012-17) is likely to set an even more ambitious target. As the country experiences a growing need for power supply to fill the demand-supply gaps. There was a reduction in power shortage from 86,001 MW in 2008-09 to 68,168 MW in 2009-10, indicating strong capacity utilisation and improvement in power conservation. Recent developments in the transmission sector focus on the development of the national grid, including interstate connection, technology upgradation and transmission cost optimisation.
Our presence in the EPC contracts will allow us to bid for larger projects, which will be profitability accretive. These will allow us to maximise resource productivity and output, reduce operational costs and consolidate our presence across a lower number of high-value sites. Establishment, operation and management of the transmission link is attractive: it entails design-build-financeoperate- transfer rights, resulting in wider revenue streams. The Haryana government introduced a pioneering PPP model with viability gap funding for the establishment, operation and management of a 400-KV, 100-km transmission link, the first such instance in India. Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd. (in consortium) bid successfully for the project.