What is Green Energy

India has around 16,786.98 MW of installed power capacity from renewable energy sources, forming around 10.03% of the total installed capacity as on 31st October 2010. The renewable sources include small hydro projects, biomass gasifier, biomass power, urban and industrial water power. India stands at the fifth position globally in terms of installed capacity for renewable sources of power generation.

The country installed wind power generating capacity of 11,807 MW (as on 31st March 2010) and is ranked fifth globally. The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) estimates that there is a potential of around 90,000 MW for the country, including 48,561 MW of wind power, 14,294 MW of small hydro power and 26,367 MW of biomass. Additionally, the potential for solar energy is estimated for most parts of the country at around 20 MW per square kilometer of open, shadow free area covered with 657 GW of installed capacity [Source: www.indianwindpower.com].

Types of renewable energy

   Solar energy
   Wind energy
   Water energy
   Other types include biomass, tidal, hydrogen, geothermal and ocean energy, among others.

Advantages of power generation from wind energy

   Construction time is less
   Fuel cost is zero
   Operations and maintenance cost is very low
   Capacity addition can be in modular
   No adverse effect on global environment as the system is pollution free and environment friendly