Project Details

Patiala and Sangrur district of Punjab has a lot of agriculture load. A partial Grid Disturbance had taken place on 20th July 2011 and analysis of Grid disturbance had also indicated the requirement of a 400/220kV substation in this area. In the vicinity there are 5 nos of 220KV grid stations, namely Mansa, Rajla, Sangrur, Sunam & Patran, having total transformation capacity of about 1180MVA. In addition, 3 nos of 220kV new substations are also coming up in the area at Pasiana, Bangan & kakarla. Accordingly to meet the growing load a 400/220kV substation at Patran was proposed.

The 400/220kV S/s Patran would be connected to the grid by LILO of Patiala-Kaithal 400kV D/c. To avoid unbalanced loading, LILO of both circuits was proposed. From these substations, 220kV lines can be drawn to new Patran, Mansa, Pasiana etc S/s. Looking into load growth potential it is expected that 800-900MW load would be there in the vicinity. In view of the above 2x500MVA transformers were proposed.

Considering the fact that the location of the substation is in a very fertile area of the Punjab where the acquisition of land is going to be a challenging task. Accordingly it was proposed to develop this substation as Gas Insulated substation. The present scope would include 6 nos of 400kV bays (4 nos for loop in loop out of Patiala-kaithal 400kV D/c at Patran and remaining two for transformers) and 8 nos of 220kV bays (two for 400/220kV transformers and 6 Nos of 220kV line bays). Space provision for future bays would include 6 nos of 400kV bays and 6 nos of 220kV bay.

Establishment of Patran alongwith LILO of both circuits of Patiala-Kaithal 400kV D/c line at Patran was agreed to be taken up as regional strengthening scheme in the 30th Standing Committee meeting of Northern Region held on 29.12.2011 and in the 25th NRPC Meeting held on 24.02.2012.

Therefore, the 400 KV Transmission System comprises of LILO of Both circuits of Patiala-Kaithal 400 kV Double Circuit triple snow bird Line at Patran (5 KM) and 400/220 kV Substation with 14 Bays at Patran, Punjab. The inter-state network will have a system capacity to evacuate 1200 MW of power.

Scope of Project:

The 400/220kV substation is GIS substation with one and half breaker scheme and rated for 50kA. Triple Snow Bird Bundle Conductor is utilized for LILO of the line.

SL.No.  Transmission System for “Transmission System for Patran 400kV S/s”
 Name of the Transmission Element
1.  Creation of 2x500MVA, 400/220kV Substation at Patran with;
 i. 6 nos 400kV Bays
 ii. 8 nos 220kV Bays

 Space for spare Bays (6 nos. 400kV & 6 nos 220kV)
2.  LILO of both circuits of Patiala-Kaithal 400kV D/c at Patran


1. Entire project comprising LILO of both circuits of Patiala-Kaithal 400kV D/c at Patran and 400/220kV GIS substation alongwith 2x500MVA ICTs was completed in the month of June, 2016 and Certificate of Completion of Trial Operation was issued by Power System Operation Corporation Limited on June 21, 2016 for Substation and on June 22, 2016 for Transmission Lines.
2. CERC vide its Order dated October 14, 2016 in the Petition No. 74/MP/2016 has declared that November 11, 2016 as Scheduled Commercial Operation Date.
3. CERC vide its Order dated January 4, 2017 in the Petition no. 155/MP/2016 has declared that PSPCL shall be liable to bear transmission charges from SCOD/actual commissioning whichever is later till commissioning of downstream system post which the assets shall be considered under POC.
4. 220kV downstream system has completed by PSPCL and trial operation for loading of ICTs was completed on May 18, 2017 for which Certificate was issued on May 25, 2017 by Power System Operation Corporation Limited.
5. Project comes under POC w.e.f. May 18, 2017.