Corporate Social Responsibilities

TECHNO ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CO. LTD. and its Group of Companies are actively involved in CSR activities. It has set aside more than 2% of its bottom line for the CSR activities. The activities are carried out through its parent Company, TECHNO ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CO. LTD. and also through its charitable arm styled as "Oriental Charitable Foundation". During the last 2 years, Company has spent around Rs. 7 Crores on CSR activities and the projects undertaken can be classified into following major categories Education, Healthcare, Livelihood projects

Education Projects :

The education projects are mainly undertaken through 3 Institutions viz.,

Akshaya Patra Foundation

The organization is presently supplying free meals to 1.3 Million students every day.We have adopted 60 Schools as initiative.

Friends of Tribals Society

This institution creates one teacher schools in remote areas for tribals. We presently own 10 schools under this initiative.

Utsarga Charity

Utsarga is involved in providing schooling, art workshop and computer training for under-privileged children.

Healthcare :

Eye Hospital

Through Lions Club of Howrah Trust,we have enabled the organization to set up an Eye Hospital-cum-General purpose ward for medical treatment.The Eye Hospital is very advanced with OT Facilities with 100% back-up power, Glaucoma treatment facilities etc.

The Umrao Institute of Medical Science ; Research Trust

The Institute pays medical expenses for around 250+ patients every year. The trust is presently engaged in building Rs. 100+ Crores State-of-the-Art multi-speciality hospital.

Livelihood Projects :

We have enabled various org anizations to undertake programmes in technical education, skill building (development and training) for women empowerment and for creating volunteers at rural level for child welfare, family planning etc.

Gian Sagar Group of Institutes

The institute provides medical, technical, vocational education and health facilities. Institute provides job oriented courses for under-privileged section and females.