Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Driving India's Energy Efficiency Revolution

The Government of India, in its endeavour to reform and modernize the Indian energy sector, has launched the ambitious Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) with an outlay of more than ₹3 lac crores with nationwide Smart metering as its primary focus. The Scheme aims at installing around 250 million Smart meters along with AMI Infrastructure across all Indian utilities. Techno has been at the forefront of this visionary mission, and our Smart metering journey in India pre-dates the launch of RDSS and became a guiding factor to many initiatives under the Scheme. Techno has enabled its client utilities to take control of their distribution networks and capitalize on the advantages of smart metering through its comprehensive and unique approach toward key use cases such as prepaid, Net metering, and energy accounting.


With our array of numerous out-of-the-box and specifically customizable solutions, we have successfully delivered a strategically important Smart metering project in Jammu and Kashmir under the prestigious Prime Ministers Development Program. The project involved the installation of around 1.27 lac Smart meters, including necessary AMI Infrastructure and the establishment of state of the art on-premises Data and Disaster Recovery Centres.

We are executing another critical Smart metering project in Jammu and Kashmir at a cost of ₹338 crores in the DBFOOT model. The project involves the installation of 2.5 lac Consumer and System Smart meters. Through TEECL’s efficient supply chain management, refined execution processes, and innovative consumer engagement strategies, it has successfully achieved more than 50% of the progress within a six month timeframe.

TEECL has established its credibility as a dependable AMI-SP in the Indian energy space and has emerged as a winner in multiple bids under RDSS, with the current tally at around 2.5 million Smart meters amounting to more than ₹3,000 crores. We are actively bidding for projects with a vision of installing 10 million Smart meters by 2025.


TEECL has successfully installed 1.27 lac Smart meters under Phase-I in Jammu and Srinagar cities. The project has been declared live, and TEECL oversees its operations and management. Through a tailor-made solution involving market leaders in their respective domains, TEECL has enabled DISCOMs to optimize business processes, resulting in increased billing and collection efficiencies. TEECL has enhanced the consumer experience by providing a user friendly Consumer Portal and mobile App, offering features such as accurate prepaid, net metering, and more.

Under Phase II of Smart metering covering urban towns of the entire Jammu and Kashmir regions, TEECL has installed more than 1.5 Lac Smart meters within six Months. With a completely distinct yet fully integrated solution, TEECL, at its current pace, expects to deliver the project well ahead of the completion schedule.


India's power distribution is evolving through the 'Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme,' with a substantial ₹3,03,758 crores budget over five years. This initiative promotes Smart metering for real-time data, enhancing energy conservation and efficiency. It also embraces advanced technologies such as AI and data analytics for improved system monitoring. The scheme has adopted a holistic approach with a mix of IT/OT projects like ERP, SCADA, and UBS. The Loss Reduction component of the scheme focuses on system strengthening and targets, homogenizing the maturity level of Indian DISCOMS for capitalization of advanced initiatives like smart metering coupled with AI and ML.


Techno is aggressively working towards providing AMI solutions in line with the Smart meter National Program's goal to replace conventional electric meters with smart meters by the year 2025-26. Our futuristic vision, segmented approach, and extensive partnerships have established us as a key contributor towards innovations and developments in the Indian energy space. We are committed to India's energy efficiency goals and the growth of the smart metering ecosystem, ultimately ensuring a reliable, affordable, and sustainable power supply for the nation's energy needs.

Smart metering is a game-changer for India's energy sector. It enhances operational efficiency for utilities and empowers consumers to make informed choices about their energy usage. While challenges exist, the long-term benefits of this technology far outweigh the initial costs. With government support and industry collaboration, smart metering is poised to revolutionize energy management in India, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.


We are thrilled to share that we have secured the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for LOT-B, becoming the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Implementing Agency for smart metering serving 2.5 Lakh consumers in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir under the DBFOOT model. This accomplishment reaffirms our dedication to delivering state-of-the-art AMI solutions and bolstering energy efficiency in the region.