Data Centre

In 2021, we ventured into the data center domain by building on our extensive experience and multidisciplinary expertise in electrical, mechanical, civil, and structural engineering. Acknowledging the tremendous potential and unique challenges it presents, we aim to leverage our skills to deliver tailored solutions with unmatched quality, adhering to defined timelines and costs.

With our experience in establishing and running renewable energy plants, we are committed to ensuring that data center projects operate in a carbon-neutral manner, with a strong focus on procuring renewable energy for powering these assets.


The data centre market in India benefits from favourable factors such as low data charges, government incentives, a large internet user base, and availability of a skilled workforce. The country's cost of data centre development is significantly lower compared to developed countries, making it an attractive destination for investment and growth. Additionally, the Indian cloud market is exhibiting impressive growth, and the e-commerce market is poised for significant expansion by 2030.

With the advent of 5G technology, increased multi-cloud usage, and data localisation policies, the data centre industry in India is expected to double its stock to 20 million sq. ft. by 2025. This presents immense opportunities for investment and development in the sector, making it a strategic and lucrative area for growth.


To leverage this growing opportunity, we have taken proactive steps to capitalise on the expanding data centre market. Our data centre project in Siruseri, Chennai, with a capital expenditure of ₹ 1,400 crores, has reached a significant milestone, with approximately 50% of equipment ordering and civil works completed. We remain on track to meet our project completion target, with testing and operations set to commence in the coming year.

Continuing our growth trajectory, we are actively exploring opportunities to expand our data centre portfolio across the country. We have identified Kolkata as a potential location for similar-sized projects. Leveraging our in-house capabilities and market positioning, we are dedicated to driving our data centre business forward, contributing to India's dynamic data centre industry.

With a vision to revolutionize digital infrastructure, TEECL is dedicated to establishing data centers with an investment of USD 1 billion by FY 2030.

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